Rare Ambiance 
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Rare Ambiance was established in 1999 in Franklin, Michigan, as a life-like floral arranging business for commercial and residential customers.  This endeavor included providing centerpieces and decorating wreaths and trees at Christmastime at some businesses in the Galleria Office Center (Southfield, MI).

Owner Priscilla Phifer took a long hiatus to pursue other interests, with the idea of later ramping up the business with other products:  decoupage and paint.   With the national emphasis on "going green," decoupage has become the primary focus by recycling/repurposing normally-discarded items into works of art, thus helping to make a small dent in decreasing pollution of the environment.

Currently creating, selling, and teaching decoupage has become the primary focus and passion of Rare Ambiance's owner, a self-taught artist with an instinctive eye for color, balance, design, and harmony.   And as you can see, she truly enjoys sharing this craft with the young and not so young!  

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